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Have you ever wondered how someone does a ‘recommended’ page

that redirects their url when they promote a specific product or affiliate link?

You know, one that looks like this:

Well, if your wondering how YOU can do that too…
I’m goning to show you!

Actually, redirecting a url  is rather simple.
Well, of course it is when you know how to do it!
Seriously, all you need is a simple piece of HTML code
and add your specific URL.

Let me show you how :)

Here’s the HTML page code you will need to redirect YOUR url:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN”>
<title>Your Page Title</title>
<meta http-equiv=”REFRESH” content=”0;url=http://www.the-domain-you-want-to-redirect-to.com“></HEAD>
Optional Page Text Here.

Copy the code to your Notepad or Word document (or whatever you use)

Then, there are two changes you need to make.

*  Put the Page Title in that YOU want between the <title>   </title> tags in the code
*  Replace the url with your URL. in
<meta http-equiv=”REFRESH” content=”0;url=http://www.the-domain-you-want-to-redirect-to.com“>

and if you want….

*  Add some Page text between the <BODY></BODY> tags.
this text will show just before your page shows up.

If you do not want anything displayed, remove what I have there in the example above..
otherwise it will show up!!!  sMiles

Now, you can make your page come up as slow or fast as you want, depending
on the page Text you added above.

The    content=”0; code just before your url is the number of seconds you want
the browser to wait before redirecting to the new url.

You can set this to anything you want.

For example, you could set this to 5  ( i.e.  content=”5; )
and add some optional text to your page – like:

“Please wait while we redirect you to our new site”.

and you will see the above text for 5 seconds before the url shows up.
If you leave it at O, your URL comes up right away.
And make sure your have the  ;  after the number!!!

That’s it!

Then all you do is save the code as a index.html file and your done!

Now, you do need a hosting account for this to work.
You can get the one I use by clicking on this link —>

If you do need a hosting account and used my link, let me know.
I will help you get everything set up!

And I recorded a special video showing you how to properly set-up your ‘recommends’
pages in your hosting account.  If your on my email list,
just go to my ‘Insiders Only” tab and enter the password to watch the video.
If your not, make sure you fill out the form on the right, and confirm.
You will receive the password!  :)

Your welcome!

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